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    River Leven Clean Up

    Last weekend we joined the Friends of River Leven Valley (West Dumbartonshire) to help clean up sections of the River Leven as part of the larger River Clean Up event organised by the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association. Our staff were able to retrieve rubbish and litter in the deeper Read more [...]


     News from the Community Gardens July 2021

     News from the Community Gardens July 2021 Sweet peas from Bishop’s Palace vegetable plot. Update      We hope you are all keeping well. After a rather wet start to the month everything is now growing well, including the weeds! We’ve had a great garlic and onion crop which are now carefully Read more [...]

  • Me, my children and the pandemic

    Nicola was a fulltime carer and a volunteer at Autism Voice before the covid-19 pandemic. Nicola became depressed after the March lockdown. ‘Home schooling three children with disabilities was incredibly stressful,’ she mentioned adding that she was also stressed about providing food for the family. ‘It was horrendous queuing for Read more [...]

  •  News from the Community Gardens June 2021

     News from the Community Gardens June 2021 Foxgloves at the Bishop’s Palace vegetable plot. Update      We hope you are all keeping well. With the recent sunshine and warm weather everything is growing so quickly and the gardens are looking lovely. The broad beans have given us a wonderful harvest and Read more [...]

  • Scream of the Swift

    The scream of the Swift Apus apus can finally be heard swooping over the Cradley site as they return to the UK to breed. Our temperate summers and abundance of food in the form of insects on the wing, is what makes the UK a wonderful place for this aerial Read more [...]

  • Outdoors and active in our Salford community garden

    Since our last update we’ve been preparing our grounds for the development of our community garden. The land surrounding our Emmaus Salford community building has lots of potential and we’ve recently identified a space within our grounds that will be perfect for community food growing. For those new to our Read more [...]

  • First Time In- Litter Out

    First time in- Litter out! Rain was expected… Then the forecast changed, ‘50% chance of rain’. Enough for our BRaVE* volunteers to show up to help the Edgware Brook. The Edgware brook is a lovely stream that has a massive potential. This incredible river can be (and will be) an Read more [...]

  • The Best Construction Material

    There is no “best” construction material. Construction uses a variety of materials chosen for their suitability for the different parts of the specific building. In the example of a house, foundations are usually made of concrete with steel reinforcement for low cost, durability, strength, water resistance, mass, and ease of Read more [...]

Showing Blogs 1-10 of 9126