180 Degrees Queen Mary: Extending a helping hand to grassroots organisations


About The Opportunity

180 Degrees is the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits. The organisation works pro-bono with a variety of social impact and community groups to help them improve and expand upon their services. They have branches across the globe and have completed projects for over 2000 social impact organisations!

180 Degrees understands there is no shortage of organisations that desire to improve the world. However, most have not reached their full potential. Many are constrained. Many have limited resources, limited time, limited staff, and limited money.
Globally 180 Degrees has thousands of carefully selected and trained volunteers who work tirelessly to help their local social impact organisations.

Support available

180 Degrees has the resources to help grassroots organisations in multiple ways which include:

  • Fundraising and partnership strategies
  • Grant selection
  • Volunteer acquisition
  • Membership base growth.

If your challenge falls outside of these categories or maybe you don’t know what exactly your challenges are, do not worry, 180 Degrees can help you identify weaknesses within your organisation and build a tailored solution to your specific challenges.

180 Degrees Queen Mary looks forward to learning more about the grassroots organisations within the Semble Network, and hopefully work together on exciting and impactful projects shortly!

Get in touch!

if you are interested to learn more about the work of 180 Degrees,  reach out at qmul@180dc.org to organise a short coffee e-meeting!

To access more support opportunities for your organisation, follow this link!

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